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CTruk innovation

Multi-purpose vessels

CTruk designs and builds a range of advanced composite marine craft with applications across the marine sector.

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About CTruk

A fresh approach to design and build

CTruk is an innovative designer and builder of multi-purpose composite marine craft that have a proven track-record as offshore wind support vessels as well as numerous applications in the military and security and commercial sectors.

The company prides itself on a fresh approach to design and build, with patent-applied vessel features and the use of a cutting-edge vacuum infusion process at its Brightlingsea shipyard to build to the highest standards and save up to 40% on weight. The result is light, composite vessels that are both tough and extremely fuel-efficient.

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Proven technology and unique safety features

The building of safer ships is a key focus for CTruk. Whether it’s choosing Rolls-Royce water jets over a propeller system, or fitting intuitive control systems to allow single man-overboard recovery, safety comes first on every project. The company operates to ISO 9001 on the design and build of vessels for the offshore renewable energy sector.


Flexibility with modular pods

CTruk strives to constantly improve on its designs, build processes and systems. The company's (patent applied) modular pod system, initially created to meet the complex requirements of offshore wind support work, is a key example of how CTruk goes that extra mile to fulfil client demands. Moveable deck pods enable the operator to change the vessel’s functionality in just a few hours.


Shorter production time plus speed at sea

A modular construction process, developed and implemented at CTruk’s Brightlingsea shipyard, enables faster production of a range of innovative boats and equipment. The company focuses on utilising smart materials and new technology to create stronger, lighter and more hydrodynamic hulls, resulting also in faster speeds at sea.

More Cost-Effective

Lighter vessels use less fuel

CTruk’s composite ships are tough and robust but lighter in weight and therefore burn less fuel than aluminium vessels of a similar size. This important advantage, coupled with an efficient modular build process and the savings made with their ability to multi-task, make CTruk vessels a more cost-effective choice when compared to their aluminium counterparts.