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“In selecting a vessel, we reviewed multiple areas, including HSE performance; vessel availability over the duration of contract; fuel consumption; vessel capabilities; and of course how the crew demonstrated a positive attitude to achieving our goals. The CWind Alliance (MPC19) performed to the highest standards in all of these areas. This recognition is well earned and well deserved.”

Siemens Wind Power UK


“Offshore Turbine Services needed safe, flexible and fuel-efficient vessels that could be used to ferry crew and equipment to the wind turbines. The CTruk MPC19s offered us not only that but the additional functionalities possible with the pod system, making them a very sound investment. We were also very impressed with CTruk’s innovation record. We found that the CTruk MPC19 ticked all the boxes for us, while also costing much less than similar aluminium workboats. We are looking forward to more joining the OTS fleet.”

Offshore Turbine Services



“The CTruk MPC19 workboat is a core part of the fleet at CWind, where we are undertaking several tasks for major players in the offshore wind industry. The fuel economy has been great - saving clients up to half what they would have had to pay with an equivalent aluminium vessel. The versatility of the MPC19 has meant that we have been easily able to adapt our vessels to perform any task asked of them. The comfort of the design is popular with technicians too, and more are on order."

CWind Ltd


“WTGS has built up a good reputation in the industry, having worked on many offshore projects around Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium and we pride ourselves on the level of service given on board. We chose a CTruk MPC19 based on our experience in the field and the knowledge that fuel economy and versatility play a major part in vessel charter decisions. The MPC19 is capable of delivering both, as well as allowing us to maintain a high level of service with a comfortable transit.”

WTGS Personnel Transfers Ltd  


“This vessel (CTruk MPC19, SC Falcon) is a credit to CTruk. The fit-out is second-to-none and I’m really pleased with another on-time and on-budget build. As the first CTruk workboat with Volvo IPS propulsion, she demonstrated great bollard pull during trials and with her low-weight composite construction, the fuel economy is superb. We work in wave heights of up to 1.5 metres but the real selling point has been the fuel consumption. The clients love the performance because we can almost do the same job as a 26-metre boat but with half the fuel consumption. In today’s offshore market, that is a contract-winning factor.”



“The versatility of the movable deck pods means the boats are ideally suited to a wide range of tasks. We’ve reconfigured them by putting a crane on the front to pick up and transport generators and by moving the wheelhouse to give us more deck space for cargo carrying operations. They have been used for crew transfer, blade inspection, paint inspection and examining turbine integrity, along with generator refuelling. Having spent most of my working life on aluminium boats, I was sceptical about composite vessels but I am now a total convert.”

Offshore Turbine Services


“We have been operating our CTruk SWATH 20 on a 24-hour contract since June 2014 and are seriously impressed. Even in rough seas, Endurance gives a smooth ride and passengers say they've not seen anything like it before. When pushing onto the turbine, this boat has the capabilities of a larger vessel but with its Rolls-Royce waterjets, the manoeuvrability of a smaller one. We are also able to maintain cruising speeds even when transporting two cable pulling sets, weighing four tonnes. The safety features of the MPC19 are of paramount importance and the fast build, fuel efficiency and versatility are also an incentive. Endeavour’s three pods allow her to be utilised in a number of configurations, which, combined with her high payload capacity, enable her to move from a fuelling task to a crew transfer function without delay.”

Technical Marine Support


The MPC22 has proven to be a valuable addition to the CWind fleet, particularly from a passenger comfort perspective. There is ample space on this vessel for technicians to change and stow wet kit before moving into the main seating area for a comfortable transit – a key priority in challenging weather. She is also executing load carrying and refuelling duties as part of her current contract, with the large, reconfigurable payload area giving multi-role capability. That makes her a very sound investment and we eagerly await delivery of the next two MPC22s.”  


“The MPC22 builds on the versatile design features of the successful CTruk MPC19, which has had an outstanding level of mechanical reliability and this has translated into excellent availability on contracts. We fully expect that the performance of this vessel will be outstanding in both the construction and O&M markets, with its enhanced design, speed, comfort and transfer capability.”




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