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How do CTruk’s composite catamarans compare to aluminium?

In addition to lower initial outlay and reduced through-life costs, CTruk’s composite catamarans are lighter in weight than aluminium craft. That enables them to achieve higher speeds while burning substantially less fuel. Our composite hulls are non-corrosive and require less maintenance throughout their service lives. Damage is easy and quick to repair and by virtue of our patented flexible pod system, CTruk boats are able to multi-task - reconfiguring to perform multiple functions that might otherwise require extra vessels.


What is resin infusion composite?

Resin infusion is a cutting edge technique used in composite construction. A vacuum bag is arranged over the component to be infused (for instance, the deck or the hull) and resin then enters through feeder pipes, impregnating the composite. Once mastered, this process is easily repeatable, resulting in an identical vessel, time after time, with a known weight and known mechanical properties. It also results in a much smoother subsurface shape than aluminium, radically improving hydrodynamic efficiency – and as a homogenous material, it has none of the stress points inherently present in welds. It is no accident that resin infusion composite is the material of choice for the RNLI’s offshore lifeboat fleet.


How does CTruk’s pod system work?

Our patented deck pod system comprises a set of individual task-specific pods that can be installed, reconfigured or removed entirely from a CTruk platform – enabling each craft to be tailored to a variety of different jobs. With high payload potential, you can either expose a large deck space for the carriage of equipment and cargo; or install your pod of choice to customise your vessel’s capabilities to your needs. It takes just a few hours and it turns each and every CTruk platform into a versatile, multi-purpose, future-proof marine tool. 

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