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Construction Approach


CTruk technician at work


CTruk’s 28-strong fleet of multipurpose offshore catamarans and soft-riding SWATH vessels is about much more than client feedback and design innovation. It’s also about a continual drive for improvement in construction techniques at our Essex-based shipyard. This is best expressed through two key elements: (1) our unique modular build methods; and (2) our pioneering use of resin infusion composites. 


(1) The merits of modular construction

By streamlining the construction of each new vessel into several concurrent processes, our modular approach ensures that our build schedule is protected from any delays that might occur in one individual element of the job. In addition to enhanced efficiency and minimised costs, this means we can achieve greatly reduced build times, while continuing to produce composite workboats of the highest order.


Vacuum resin infusion process

(2) The merits of resin infusion                                                            

CTruk is the only UK-based company specialising in composite vessels for the wind farm sector and its pioneering resin infusion techniques bring some extraordinary benefits. Reductions in weight of up to 40% mean greater payload, range and speed, plus lower power demands and considerable fuel savings. More consistent resin distribution means a stronger structure, a smoother, more hydrodynamic shape and a higher quality finish. And our composite craft are also quicker and more cost-effective to service, repair and maintain than aluminium vessles. With ISO 9001 operating procedures, allied to the ecological cleanliness of resin infusion, it’s not just our finished vessels that are safer, better, faster and more cost-effective. Our construction methods are too.

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