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At CTruk, a dynamic cycle of operational input and design innovation is at the heart of what makes our boats better, safer, faster and more cost-effective.

It all starts with our patented deck pod system, which enables operators to change a vessel’s layout to suit different tasks. With high payload potential, users can either expose a large deck space for the carriage of equipment and cargo; or install activity-specific pods to tailor the vessel’s capability to the job in hand. This guarantees that each CTruk platform is not just a short-term workhorse, but a versatile, multi-purpose, future-proof marine tool.

Our designers also strive to maximise operating hours as well as versatility, by foregrounding safety and reliability. Redundancy is built into all key systems, and ergonomic practicalities like ease of maintenance, rapid replacement of mechanical components and crew comfort are also given design priority. And to ensure compliant handling, our designers use carefully matched propulsion systems to strike just the right balance between speed, bollard pull and close-quarters manoeuvrability.

While our pod system guarantees peerless versatility on all CTruk craft, each design remains a bespoke response to the challenges faced by the individual client. With pioneering solutions underpinned by proven, real-world designs, CTruk’s uniquely multifaceted vessels are the wind farm market’s most complete solution.

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