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CTruk THOR11

Multi-role composite twin hull

This compact, composite, twin-hull offshore support vessel uses CTruk’s patented flexible payload arrangement for multi-role capability. It can be configured as a safe and efficient personnel carrier; as a riverine patrol vessel with advanced manoeuvrability; as a security craft for harbours and offshore installations; or as a disaster relief vessel. THOR11 is rapidly deployable via various assets, including C17/A400M and the CTruk MPC28. 

Base Craft

  • Dimensions: LOA 11m, beam 3.45m, displacement 5.5-9.5 tonnes
  • Construction: Infused composites
  • Propulsion: 2 x Yanmar 8LV-370 engines + Rolls-Royce FF-310 water jets
  • Top design speed of 40+ knots
  • Bridge deck includes 1 tonne strong points to allow cargo to be secured or different operational equipment and pods to be installed
  • Lifting points for Hendriksen hooks built-in to allow lifting with current davit systems
  • 500 litre standard fuel capacity

Force Protection Craft

  • Space for 2 primary crew (cox and commander)
  • Space for 2 additional crew (weapon operator and situational awareness operator/engineer)
  • 4 troop seats
  • RWS options to include Saab Trackfire 50 calibre
  • Canopies to provide environmental protection to crew and sensitive equipment
  • Full situational awareness suite installed
  • Option for (patent-applied) fully-suspended shock mitigating carousel in main compartment to house troops and equipment
  • Optional configuration includes 2 extra troops operating GPMGs

Troop Carrier

  • Provision to carry 2 crew and up to 10 troops
  • Space provided for full CEMO for all troops
  • Full width canopy for pre-mission briefing with environmental protection
  • Option for (patent-applied) fully-suspended carousel in main compartment to provide troops with a more comfortable ride


  • Provision to carry 2 crew and 4 troops
  • Ballistic protection for driver, navigator, weapon operator
  • Ballistic protection for engines and jets
  • Weapons to include a manually operated 50 calibre on ring mount and up to 4 GPMGs; 2 on pintle mounts and 2 on slide & lock pintle mounts